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Medical care in Croatia?

Medical care in Croatia is one of the best in the world and you don’t need to worry about it. We recommend that you keep valid travel/medical insurance.


What are the local costs like in Croatia?

Beer ( 1/2 litre) €2 to €3

Cocktails €5 to €7

Shots €2 to €3

Coffee €1.5 to €2

Fast food meal (hamburger, pizza, toast sandwich etc) €3 to €5

Dinner & wine (good local restaurant) €20 to €30

The prices in Croatia supermarkets are very reasonable and similar or lower to other European countries.


What travel documents are required?

Please check if your passport if it is valid for at least 90 days. Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a Visa to travel to Croatia. You can check via this link: VISA INFORMATION


How much luggage can I take?

We recommend to bring your luggage in a soft bag. If you coming in with a large suitcase (say 25 kilos), maybe bring a soft bag and when you arrive to the marina put what you need for the week into that soft bag and then put the larger suitcase in storage at the marina.





Can you arrange transit from the airport or city center to the marina?

Yes of course we can. Please let us know in advance and we can arrange a private car/van for large groups or taxi for smaller groups.


What time do I have to arrive at the marina?

Till 3.00 pm becouse we are leaving 5pm sharp!


When does the trip finish?

All yachts return to base marina late Friday afternoon with checkout at 9am Saturday. You may do checkout on Friday evening if that suits you.





I have a group of friends, what is the minimum numbers required to rent a whole yacht to ourselves?

You can find some viable options from 3 Couples to 5 couples. For groups, earlier the booking the better as yachts go quick especially for peak season.


Yacht vs. Cabin?

If you have a large group, say 3 couples plus that would be ideal to fill your own yacht. The price per person can be better when booking a full boat together and you can be sure to know everyone beforehand. Also you can get luxury yachts from tailor made offers we send you.

Cabins bookings are a great way to make new friends. You will be grouped with like-minded people. Also is easier, you don’t need to chase and organise all your friends, just book your cabin and they can book to join you when they are ready. If your friends book their cabins later we will always endeavour to group you in the same yacht. Just make us aware of it at the time of the booking.


Is it possible to book a spot on a boat if I am traveling by myself?

No, we dont have this option


How do I reserve a yacht or cabin?

All booking are done online on our internet site or just contact us directly via mail.


When are the payments due for cabin bookings?

For cabin bookings deposit 30% per person. The remainder is due 12 weeks before departure.


When are the payments due for full yacht bookings?

For full yacht bookings payments are split into 3 installments. 1st is 30% due immediately, 2nd is 70% and due 12 weeks before departure.


What is security deposit and is it required?

Everyone needs to put a deposit for their boat. The deposit is there to cover any damage that is caused during the week, as a security for the Yachting Company. The deposit is paid the same day, prior to departure, and it is fully refunded back when the yacht is returned undamaged.Deposit for a whole yacht/boat bookings is between €1,500 and €2,500 per yacht. This can be paid via credit card or cash.Deposit for a cabin bookings is between €150 and €300 per person paid via cash Please note unless any damage is caused your deposit is fully refundable.


What is the cancellation policy?

Your deposit is allocated to paying for your yacht. If you cancel we will try our best to find a replacement so that we can return your deposit.


I am a qualified and/or experienced skipper, does our boat require a skipper?

Of course if you have the appropriate experience and qualifications (minimum RYA Day Skipper/VHF or ICC) and you are willing to skipper than we are willing to let you skipper. The price will be adjusted to account for not needing to pay for a skipper. This option is only available for full yacht bookings.





Is this for me? I’ve never been on a sailing holiday before?

Very few of our guests have been on similar trips before joining us. Nearly all of them have said it is one of the best holidays they have ever had. Sailing on a yacht is an amazing experience, both active and relaxing with a great mix of lounging in the sun surrounded by stunning scenery and great fun at night. Living on a boat for a week is a thrill and you’ll get used to the accommodation fair quickly.


How many couples are on my yacht?

From 4 > 5 couples + skipper, but mostly 4 couples per yacht


How many people fit in a cabin and what types of cabins are available?

In cabin can be 2 people sometimes there are bunk beds on yachts but mostly double bed


What are the cabins like?

Check out our galleries for yachts


How much time do we spend on the yacht each day?

The islands are relatively close together, so sailing between destinations can be relatively quick. Most days will involve between 2 to 4 hours of sailing. Navigation is easy since all of the islands are within sight of each other. There is no sailing in open ocean where you can’t see land.


Is it safe on the yacht?

Safety is our number one priority. The skippers are very experienced. As long as you listen to your skipper you will be in good hands


I am worried about getting seasick?

Sea sickness can be managed. Skippers carry seasick prevention tablets. Just let the skipper know and he/she will look after you. Please note that avoiding acidic foods and drinks and not missing sleep can help prevent seasickness. Also if you know you are prone to seasickness please check out this site: http://www.seasickness.co.uk/.


I don’t know how to sail, do I need sailing experience, I have never been on a yacht before, is this for me?

It does not matter if you have never been on a boat before. Experience is not necessary. That is what the skippers are for. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself. And if you are keen to learn the skippers are more than happy to teach you.


What are our obligations regarding skipper?

Your skipper will inform you about all about safety, so listen to them while on the boat. Make sure you treat your skipper well and help out whenever you are needed! The skippers are NOT regarded as an employee. Please treat them as a friend on the boat on vacation with you and your friends.


Will my electrical appliances work on the yacht, say hair dryer?

We have 220 V only when we are docked in ports and conneted to shore power.Some nights we will be anchored in nice coves and not docked to shorepower. You may have 240 volt power for 3 or 4 nights during the week. Things like phones, tablet computers, cameras, go pros etc can be charged anytime via a 12 volt to usb converter off the boat.


Will I have internet access?

We will provide WIFI on your yacht. Also most restaurants and cafes have free internet access.


Can I play my music through the yacht’s speakers?

Usually Yachts have an input jack in their stereos so you can connect your smartphone/music device to boat stereo system.





Is food included?

We do NOT provide food on board. You can buy your own food/drinks and cook for your self on boat or eat in amazing restaurants on land. There are local shops and supermarkets to replenish supplies on most days.


Do we need clean the dishes and prepare meals?

You are required to keep the yacht tidy and clean the dishes after yourself. But don’t worry, you are not alone on the yacht and everyone may chose to rotate their duties.

Keep in mind that the skipper is also your crew member and you shouldn’t forget prepare meal for him/her too.





How many yachts will there be?

Depends on the week. Mostly from 3 – 20.


What should I wear?

A combination between beach and casual evenings. Please note that most people over-packs for the week.


What are ages of the people travelling with us?

Most people who was traveled with us in the past has been between 25 to 45s. The average age is roughly around 33 years to 41 years old.

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