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Medical care in Croatia?

Medical care in Croatia is one of the best in the world and you don’t need to worry about it. We recommend that you keep valid travel/medical insurance.


What are the local costs like in Croatia?

Beer ( 1/2 litre) €2 to €3

Cocktails €5 to €7

Shots €2 to €3

Coffee €1.5 to €2

Fast food meal (hamburger, pizza, toast sandwich etc) €3 to €5

Dinner & wine (good local restaurant) €15 to €30

The prices in Croatia supermarkets are very reasonable and similar or lower to other European countries.


What travel documents are required?

Please check if your passport if it is valid for at least 90 days. Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a Visa to travel to Croatia. You can check via this link: VISA INFORMATION




Can you arrange transit from the airport or city center to the port ?

Yes of course we can. Please let us know in advance and we can arrange a private car/van for large groups or taxi for smaller groups.





Who owns the boats?

Boat owners are mostly captains whom this job is a part of a family tradition, so it’s not rarity that the crew members are part of one family or one family is owner of few boats.


How many crew members work on boat?

Up to seven crew members, and it is usually captain, chef, waiter and sailors.


How do we communicate with crew?

At least one crew member is able to communicate in English or other foreign language. You will be introduced to all of your crew members when you arrive on boat at your welcome speech given by SCC representatives.


How many people are there per boat?

The number of couples on boat varies from 10 to 20, depending on a size of the boat.


What kind of fellow passengers should I expect on boat?

Our passengers are different age and nationality, although guests of English speaking area predominate.





Is there air conditioning in cabins?

Ships cabins are air conditioned (except sometimes during the night after midnight if there is limited access to electricity). Air condition is turned on only while motor or generator works, or while the boat is connected to electricity in harbor. If the boat is docked in the sea or some smaller fish harbor, that doesn’t have electricity plug, air conditioning is turned off, because otherwise generator would disturb peace and quiet


What kind of bed do cabins have?

Ships have either twin or double beds. Some cabins can accommodate 3 persons — Because of the limited number of different beds, we are not in a possibility to confirm or guarantee a specific type of bed, but we try to allocate guests according to their wishes. So if you demand specific type of bed, we kindly ask you to note that to us while making a reservation, and we will try to fulfill your wishes.


What is difference between below deck and deck cabins?

Cabins are situated on deck and below deck.. Main deck (deck on which you step on as you embark the ship) . ON DECK CABINS can be situated on the MAIN (deck on which you step on as you embark the ship ) and on UPPER deck (deck on top of the main deck). Cabins below deck are actually in the hull of the boat. Advantage of cabins situated on deck is the direct exit on sea and more fresh air, while cabins below deck are sometimes more quiet (only fellow passengers who booked BELOW deck cabins will pass by and not all passengers from your ship as well as other ships when docked) and comfortable because they’re situated in a sea level that chills cabins and hallways below deck are often air-conditioned which effects on a temperature in cabins. Cabins below deck mostly have little portholes.





What shall I bring with me?

We suggest to take lighter clothes, shorts, T – shirts, bathing suits, sandals and similar, and a few long arm shirts, long pants or wind sail for possible colder weather and breezy nights. Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, sun cream, towel for beach and additional and personal towels. In a case that you forget something, it is possible to buy different summer clothes and equipment in most of the harbors.


Is there some fishing equipment on boat?

There is no fishing equipment on boats, but You can take your own fishing equipment, although you must now that you will need a special permission for fishing that you can get in specialized agencies in harbors.





What kind of food is served on boat?

Food on boat is similar to traditional Croatian food. Breakfast is continental one and consists of tea and coffee, fruit juice, bread, butter, jam, and eventually ham and cheese. If you want an English breakfast, it is possible to order it while making a cruise reservation or on spot. Lunch is traditionally plentiful. Is consists of soup or pasta as starter, main dish with side dishes, salad and desert. Main dish is two or three times weekly a fish, and in other cases meat or chicken. Side dishes are potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. Desert is fruit or a cake. Dinner is not included because we encourage you to explore local restaurants.


What is ‘captains dinner’?

Once a week captain offers “Captains dinner” mostly a fish menu, which is a chance for guests and the crew to gather in ceremonial mood. “Captains dinner” is included in the price!


Do you provide food for people with special dietary needs?

A: Unfortunately we are limited with small kitchens when preparing special food for vegetarians and people with special diet demands. Please make sure to advise of any dietary needs at the time of your booking and our on board chef will do their best to accommodate.


Can we bring our own drinks on board?

It is NOT allowed to bring and to consume your own drinks on boat. You can get your drinks at boat salon which is at the same time restaurant, living room and a bar. Bar is equipped with different alcohol and non alcohol beverages. In a case that you would like to consume some special type of drink that normally can not be found in the boat bar, according to your earlier demand crew can get that beverage, and serve you with it during the cruise.


How do we pay for drinks?

Drinks will be noted on your account, usually there is a list with passengers names next to the bar and it is paid at the end of the trip. Price is similar to the price of drinks in coffee bars, taverns or restaurants on the coast.






Where do we find our boat?

Boats are docked in Gruž harbour in Dubrovnik and in ferry harbour in Split. In Split, boats are most often allocated from part of harbour opposite the main bus station and further to the center of the city opposite the train station, next to the building of Port Authority and directly at the main promenade. Representatives of our agency will be in harbour with the lists of guests’ names, belonging names of boats and numbers of cabins. They are available to the guests for all information during embarkation.


When can we get on boat?

Embarkation is on Saturday till 1 p.m., except in Dubrovnik Sundays from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m. Cabins are ready for guests about 12:00 altough it is possible to come even earlier during morning and leave baggage on boat while the boat is still being cleaned. After welcome speech and presentation of crew members, guests start with their first lunch/dinner in Dubrovnik and the boat leaves the port.


When is the end of the trip?

Boats are coming back to Split on Friday afternoon or saturday early in the morning. Guests have to leave their cabins till 9 a.m. on Saturday morning so that the crew can clean the boat for the next guests. Last meal is breakfast on that morning.


Is there a place to park a car for 7 days?

In Split we can recommend you a garage not far from the harbour. Our representatives in harbour Split will give you instructions how to get to the parking, after you have left baggage on the boat. We kindly ask you to inform us while making a reservation that you are coming by car.


Is there warm water on boat?

Electricity and water are available on the boat, but in a limited capacity. All the boats have generator for electricity that makes certain level of noise, so it’s not turned on during the night or while the boat is docked in some peaceful bay. Tanks for water have capacities that match numbers of cabins, actually numbers of beds on boat, so there is always enough water for everyone, even in cases if the tank isn’t filled each day, assuming that everyone use water rationally. Boats also have central heater that ensures warm water assuming that everyone use warm water rationally.


Are there some security measures on boat?

All the boats are equipped with life saving boats and life jackets which can be found under the beds in cabins or in marker wardrobe on deck or in the salon. If you are non – swimmer, we kindly ask you to inform us and the captain earlier. During your stay on the boat you need to pay attention on following: steps are much tighter and sharper and it requires alert while coming down or going up; deck can be extremely slippery during rain or morning humidity, so it’s necessary while you are walking on boat to hold the fence with one hand; it is strictly forbidden to climb on foremast, jumping off the deck during the sail nor going far away from the boat during swim pauses. It’s also important to realize that the wood is alive material that assembles during high temperatures and it is possible that water reaches cabins because of the rain or bad weather, so you should close windows during bad weather and in cabins below deck also during sail. We have to alert you on next: during high season, harbors can be very crowded and often boats are docked next to each other, so we kindly ask you to be very careful while you are going from one boat to another.


Is there a night silence on boat?

Boat is very acoustic and it doesn’t have sound isolation, so it’s necessary to act according to that. Silence on boat officially begins after midnight. We alert you that some harbors often can be crowded with boats and guests what can disturb someone’sleep. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the noise made in harbours on our boat fleet or on some other boats.


Can the route be changed?

Captain has right to change planed route in case of bad weather or unfavorable condition in harbors. Sometimes it just changes route direction in a way to avoid crowd in harbors or predicted bad weather. No matter on route changes, captain assures that guests visit all planed destinations just in a different order than the planed one. Only in case of extremely bad weather, it is possible to elide some of the harbors that are not protected enough and safe for overnight stay. It is necessary to realize tat captains are not always in a possibility to please guest’s wishes and dock in earlier in specific harbors like Korčula or Hvar, because port authorities do not allow early docking in of our boats because of arrival of specific transport lines and limited place in harbors. Guests are obligated to overlook notice board everyday and the time of the departure from specific port so that they can be on time on boat.

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